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Hi there,

Well its been a very hot and humid summer here and the weather has only changed just today !
Although the temp was still 30 degrees celsius, the humidity was very low which means the air conditioner in the studio has once again kept my sanity over the summer months !

In the studio.

We have been mastering a huge project for Barry Charles ( for an upcoming DVD and book release that chronicles his life and musical times in the Noosa region from 1973 till about 1986.

Jason Rowe ( has been in tracking new material for his next album which may prove to be even better than his first release ! If you haven't heard him and his exquisite lyrics -one of his songs (Carried Home) is on this myspace page, but for the full experience check out his main site.

New Gear

The Digital end

The 32 channel Digidesign Pro Control is fully up and running at the opposite end of the studio with a 22 inch screen and direct monitoring from the industry standard Yamaha NS 10's with a sub.

We also purchased a Focusrite Liquid Mix and controller which has proved its worth already.

The Analog End

At the other end of the room is a new API 2500 mastering bus compressor and the new Oram Hi Def 35 8 band equaliser which is monitored through the beautiful Focal Twin 6's monitors.

The 16 track is all wired in and ready to go...(rates on request)

So whether you want to hire me to produce your latest and greatest or if you want to do it all yourself.....find out how easy it is by emailing won't be disappointed !

Until next time

John NYMO Nyman

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