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Music Hi there and Welcome to Red Berry Blog number 8 !
(I realize I'm pretty slack....but hey:)

Thank God summers over !..I'm finding it harder every year...luckily
its air conditioned in the studio.

Sol Costa

I have been doing vocal tracking and mixing for local lads Sol Costa
The first of their trax, Breakthru, features the power drumming of Powderfingers
John Coghill with vocalist Chris Reynolds and is a uplifting powerhouse rock song that will
hopefully propel them to fame and fortune !
Check out the song on my playlist.

The Ninjas

I tracked, mixed ,produced and mastered Gotta Get Out for new kids on the block, The Ninjas.
Their infectious mix of  Electrorock should open new doors for them.
Can't get that riff outta my head...check it out on my playlist !


We just aren't only available for music !
Red Berry has been mixing audio for the DVD, Journey of Friends ( which has been shown on Channel 9 TV and in theatres in Brisbane. I also mastered the theme song Journey of Friends..and all for a good cause !

International film maker Jon Hamlini was in, with his voiceover talent, recording in Red Berrys'
new vocal booth (its pretty dead !)

New Gear

Red Berry is proud of the aquisition of Mastering grade studio monitors the ATC SMC 100's. These large 3 way monitors a treat to listen to and reveal every fine nuance of the recorded music..and boy... are they loud !

Well ..thats about it...until next time : )

John NYMO Nyman
Red Berry Records
The weather is really starting to warm up and aside from having no rain for nearly a month, we managed to survive by buying town water..and doesn't that taste bad compared to our beautiful rainwater ?

In The Studio

The Cadillac trax were mixed and mastered by moi and were seeing some action on Triple J unearthed. The boys have been honing there skills (trying to stand upright!) by doing a heap of gigs in Bris Vegas and the Sunshine Coast.
They are looking at coming in this month to do some more trax.

Singer songwriter Dean Fitzgerald and his producer Martin Kemp came and I tracked vocals for 2 songs using my great vocal chain...Telefunken AK 47 to Chandler LTD 1(Neve) thru Manley Vari mu into Lynx Aurora A/d !

Well known Sunshine Coast theatre alumni Andy Hanrahan has been in doing some demosincluding a spectacular performance on Your Eyes from the musical RENT.

He has also added vocals to an electro version of the Zep classic Stairway to Heaven...stay tuned for that !

I NYmixed a version of Sweet Dreams(Eurhythmics) for local luminaries Bombshelter.

I have also been accepted as one of the house engineers for Sunshine Coast Recording Studio..the largest new studio on the coast....featuring an SSL Duality(one of only 3 in Australia) and 6 recording rooms.  I can now do large format recording or mixing in their studio...ask about rates !

New Gear.

As usual lotsa goodies including Drawmer 1962 Tube mic pre. Manley Vari Mu Compressor,
SSL 4000 Bus Compressor and Motu Volta CV synth controller software.

Spring Specials !!
There's always something happening at Red Berry..if you've recorded the majority of trax at home...why not come in and track vocals with me and then mix your songs , using either our 48 channel analog end or 192 track Digidesign Pro Control mixing surface with premium quality outboard ??

Rates start from only $100 for session .. BOOK NOW !!
Well summer is well and truly over and that time of year that I really like is here !
Not to cold but warm in the sun..afternoon shadows and me making pasta for the family !


In April I had Duke and The Attorney and the other guys from Cadillac doing a 3 track demo. The band played *live* in the main house and I tracked them to the 16 track tape machine...yes folks ...real analog !
I am still in the edit and near mix stage , but the tracks have come up great...a couple of good A songs sounding like a cross between Jet and The Rolling Stones !

Great songwriting with lots of vocal attitude...these gen y'ers should do well.

Check them at

This month also sees folkster balladeer Pat Craigie who brings a wealth of original material and covers in the classic Woody Guthrie / Pete Seeger vain recording with us.

Tracking live in the control room, his sonorous voice and rhythmic guitar playing is a joy to behold !

Still editing and mixing Rapture in the Reins  and doing the last of the backing vocal overdubs...ready for mix stage soon...this track has taken a while but is a beauty with a beautiful solo from guitarist Paul Martin.


Where would we be @ Redberry without a dearth of new gear ?

This month has seen some the FX department a Roland R880 reverb mainframe and controller and a classic Lexicon PCM 41 digital delay.

Crowning piece would have to be a Urei 1178 stereo compressor from the late 70's
....great for the drum bus and vocal duties...used extensively on the Cadillac trax.

Also a classic AWA (Australian) limiter from the late 70's which has just been recapped and rejuvenated by Rob Squire from Pro Harmonic in Adelaide.

I am now mastering directly to a Korg DSD 1 bit recorder...sound fantastic.

And last, but not least, the exact equivalent of a Moog 960 analog sequencer as made famous by Tangerine Dream. Bring on the Berlin school !

Well thats about it as we head into usual were always doing deals @ Redberry and  taking your music to the next level.

Until next time...


John NYMO Nyman
Hi there,

Well its been a very hot and humid summer here and the weather has only changed just today !
Although the temp was still 30 degrees celsius, the humidity was very low which means the air conditioner in the studio has once again kept my sanity over the summer months !

In the studio.

We have been mastering a huge project for Barry Charles ( for an upcoming DVD and book release that chronicles his life and musical times in the Noosa region from 1973 till about 1986.

Jason Rowe ( has been in tracking new material for his next album which may prove to be even better than his first release ! If you haven't heard him and his exquisite lyrics -one of his songs (Carried Home) is on this myspace page, but for the full experience check out his main site.

New Gear

The Digital end

The 32 channel Digidesign Pro Control is fully up and running at the opposite end of the studio with a 22 inch screen and direct monitoring from the industry standard Yamaha NS 10's with a sub.

We also purchased a Focusrite Liquid Mix and controller which has proved its worth already.

The Analog End

At the other end of the room is a new API 2500 mastering bus compressor and the new Oram Hi Def 35 8 band equaliser which is monitored through the beautiful Focal Twin 6's monitors.

The 16 track is all wired in and ready to go...(rates on request)

So whether you want to hire me to produce your latest and greatest or if you want to do it all yourself.....find out how easy it is by emailing won't be disappointed !

Until next time

John NYMO Nyman
Music Ok...we would like to think we have the Sunny Coasts best stuff for all you Gear Slutz out there... .so if your thinking of recording, or want to mix yourself in the studio, anything is possible :-) and all from only $250 a day (conditions apply)

Multitrack Recorders Digital

Pro Tools HD3 PCIe 192 track recording onto Macintel Pro
c/w heaps of non krak plugs !
16 channel Lynx Aurora Mastering AD/DA
Digidesign 888/24
Pro Tools digi 001 system
Sony 3348 48 track digital recorder

Multitrack Recorder Analog

Tascam 85/16 1 inch analog multitrack

2 Track Recorders

Korg MR 1000 DSD Recorder
Eric Claptons Ampex 440c 1/4inch  analog(really !)
Tascam DA 30 Mk2 Dat
Tascam 103 Cassette


Soundcraft TS 12 48 input analog console
Digidesign Pro Control 32 channel


Yamaha NS 10m st
JBL 4311b

Mic pre

Chandler LTD 1 Neve 1073 clone
Focusrite ISA 428 4 channel mic pre
Ward Beck M490c (70's Neve copy)
Drawmer 1962 Dual Tube mic pre
Soundcraft Ts 12 x 24


API 2500 Buss comp
Manley Vari -mu Tube comp
SSL 4000 clone comp
FMR RNC stereo comp x 2
Aphex 651 comp
Symetrix comp

Oram Hi def 35 EQ
SSL 502 series EQ x 2

Rack FX

AMS RMX 16 Classic 80's reverb
Lexicon Prime Time 93 Classic Delay
Lexicon PCM 80
Ursa Major SST 282 Classic Space Station
Ibanez AD 230 Classic Delay Flanger
Eventide H949 Classic Harmonizer
Roland R880 Classic Reverb
Roland SDE 3000 Delay
Roland SRV 2000 Reverb
Ibanez SDR 1000
Zoom 9120 Multi-fx x 2
Yamaha SPX 90


Telefunken AK47 Tube mic
Soundelux U 195 Fet mic
CAD M9 Tube mic
Karma Velveteen
Shure SM 57 x 3

Synths and toyz

Kurzweil K 2600 Synth
44 space moog Modular
Oberheim OBMX 6 voice
Nord Micro Modular
Roland MVS1 Vintage synth
Simmons SDSV with 5 piece Simmons kit (authentic 80's)
Novation K Station
Roland VK7 Organ
Gem Pro Piano 88 note weighted

and lots more!

List subject to change !
Hi there,

Spring has sprung here in sunny Queensland and we're shakin' off the Winter Blues !

I must have accidently deleted the last blog because I'm sure it hasn't been that long since my last one.

Studio News.

Barry Charles

We have just mastered the new album for the incomparable Barry Charles *Somethings Going On Around Here* (see which was recorded in Victoria by the blues pianist Andy Cowan (see
That album is getting good airplay now and Barry's special brand of musicianship is revered all over the world !

Rapture in the Reins

Jasons Rowe's Rapture EP is now selling and it is a beautiful testament to this unique artist. (see We have discussed doing a full album in the New Year.

Michael Barry

Well known local musician Michael Barry has been in Red Berry mixing some trax for a development childrens concept which he will be showcasing in Britain.

Local Street Fair

We had a stand at the annual Yandina Street Fair this year and we were giving away 3 free hours studio time and also a Red Berry Records T Shirt.
Great to meet a bunch of new musical faces down there and the winners will be notified very soon. (My apologies for the tardiness !)

New Gear

A pair of TNC Neve 1073 copy pre amps are winging their way from the US as we speak !
And watch this space for some major gear purchases !

Spring Deals ..Save up to 30 %!

We want to celebrate Spring, so spring(boing) into Red Berry, the Sunshine Coasts only studio where Analog meets Digital and come and discuss your recording project with us.
Whether its Recording, Mixing, Mastering or Transfer we are ready and willing to help.

Save up to 30% on our normal day rate...but be quick !

email or phone 0403931369

Until next time
Take care
John *NYMO* Nyman
Things were thrown into disarray in the last couple of weeks as i had to visit my ailing father in Hobart ,Tasmania.

After enduring the heatwave (37 deg!!) I caught the boat to Melbourne with my Dads car and picked RUSTY (my wife) up from the airport.

MAGIC SALLY ( were doing a kids gig at Whittlesea gardens in 40 degree heat and we went and saw them...they were fantastic and very entertaining and are sure to be a prominent force in Kids entertainment in the future I’m sure !

RUSTY and I took a leisurely drive back to Yandina and clocked up 2880 kms staying at Lakes Entrance, Batemans Bay, Karuah (near Newcastle) and Coffs Harbour before having lunch at Lennox Heads and then heading home for Easter.


JASON from RAPTURE IN THE REINS( are back next week to do some more trax for their forthcoming EP.

KEN SHEPPARD ( is hard at work mixing the MAGIC SALLY album.


We’ve now got the great sounding Ensoniq Paris DAW which will be used for live gig 32 Track recording ..if you want your band or solo show recorded don’t hesitate to get in contact with us . Our rates are very competitive :)

Thats about it for this edition...stay tuned for the next one !

Don’t forget Red Berry Studios offers the Sunshine Coasts only PRO TOOLS pci e HD3 193 track recording system with classic VINTAGE EFFECTS and devices all in house.

We can be contacted on or 0403 931 369

Until next time.



We have just had Melbourne 5 piece faerie rock band MAGIC SALLY ( tracking 10 songs for their next album with well known producer KEN SHEPPARD ( at Red Berry studios.
The drums were tracked through the Soundcraft TS 12 console and Ken was very happy with the punchiness of the EQ !

Earlier last month the acoustic vybe of RAPTURE IN THE REINS was captured in 3 tracks and its creator, Noosarite JASON ROWE, is looking forward to us recording some live material to add to his Red Berry trax which will culminate in the release of his new EP.


This month saw the addition of a new CHANDLER GERMANIUM COMPRESSOR ( from our friends at MIXMASTERS( a really versatile compressor on all instruments and vox and a good match for our Chandler LTD 1 Neve pre.

Also this month we obtained another old school 70's vybe with a Canadian WARD BECK 490c pre-amp and 2 channels of WARD BECK NEVE style EQ. Surprisingly clean and a good match for the CAD M9 valve microphone we also purchased. Nice to see the valve glow in the back of the mic !

Another compressor(can't have too many compressors) we received this week is the APHEX EXPRESSOR 651 which is slated to be one of the cleanest compressors ever made, which should be great for vocals or 2 bus mix.


We are currently taking bookings for June and we'd like to warm up your winter WITH A SAVING OF 30% on our normal rates.
You will save $ 75 per 8 hour block on our normal day rate which means it will only cost you $175 PER 8 HOUR BLOCK !! This is a great saving !!
Don't forget we are the Sunshine Coasts only PRO TOOLS HD 3 PCI e STUDIO with the BEST OF ANALOG AND DIGITAL so make an appointment soon.


Until next time..
Take care