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Hi there,

Spring has sprung here in sunny Queensland and we're shakin' off the Winter Blues !

I must have accidently deleted the last blog because I'm sure it hasn't been that long since my last one.

Studio News.

Barry Charles

We have just mastered the new album for the incomparable Barry Charles *Somethings Going On Around Here* (see which was recorded in Victoria by the blues pianist Andy Cowan (see
That album is getting good airplay now and Barry's special brand of musicianship is revered all over the world !

Rapture in the Reins

Jasons Rowe's Rapture EP is now selling and it is a beautiful testament to this unique artist. (see We have discussed doing a full album in the New Year.

Michael Barry

Well known local musician Michael Barry has been in Red Berry mixing some trax for a development childrens concept which he will be showcasing in Britain.

Local Street Fair

We had a stand at the annual Yandina Street Fair this year and we were giving away 3 free hours studio time and also a Red Berry Records T Shirt.
Great to meet a bunch of new musical faces down there and the winners will be notified very soon. (My apologies for the tardiness !)

New Gear

A pair of TNC Neve 1073 copy pre amps are winging their way from the US as we speak !
And watch this space for some major gear purchases !

Spring Deals ..Save up to 30 %!

We want to celebrate Spring, so spring(boing) into Red Berry, the Sunshine Coasts only studio where Analog meets Digital and come and discuss your recording project with us.
Whether its Recording, Mixing, Mastering or Transfer we are ready and willing to help.

Save up to 30% on our normal day rate...but be quick !

email or phone 0403931369

Until next time
Take care
John *NYMO* Nyman

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