Red Berry Records

Music Ok...we would like to think we have the Sunny Coasts best stuff for all you Gear Slutz out there... .so if your thinking of recording, or want to mix yourself in the studio, anything is possible :-) and all from only $250 a day (conditions apply)

Multitrack Recorders Digital

Pro Tools HD3 PCIe 192 track recording onto Macintel Pro
c/w heaps of non krak plugs !
16 channel Lynx Aurora Mastering AD/DA
Digidesign 888/24
Pro Tools digi 001 system
Sony 3348 48 track digital recorder

Multitrack Recorder Analog

Tascam 85/16 1 inch analog multitrack

2 Track Recorders

Korg MR 1000 DSD Recorder
Eric Claptons Ampex 440c 1/4inch  analog(really !)
Tascam DA 30 Mk2 Dat
Tascam 103 Cassette


Soundcraft TS 12 48 input analog console
Digidesign Pro Control 32 channel


Yamaha NS 10m st
JBL 4311b

Mic pre

Chandler LTD 1 Neve 1073 clone
Focusrite ISA 428 4 channel mic pre
Ward Beck M490c (70's Neve copy)
Drawmer 1962 Dual Tube mic pre
Soundcraft Ts 12 x 24


API 2500 Buss comp
Manley Vari -mu Tube comp
SSL 4000 clone comp
FMR RNC stereo comp x 2
Aphex 651 comp
Symetrix comp

Oram Hi def 35 EQ
SSL 502 series EQ x 2

Rack FX

AMS RMX 16 Classic 80's reverb
Lexicon Prime Time 93 Classic Delay
Lexicon PCM 80
Ursa Major SST 282 Classic Space Station
Ibanez AD 230 Classic Delay Flanger
Eventide H949 Classic Harmonizer
Roland R880 Classic Reverb
Roland SDE 3000 Delay
Roland SRV 2000 Reverb
Ibanez SDR 1000
Zoom 9120 Multi-fx x 2
Yamaha SPX 90


Telefunken AK47 Tube mic
Soundelux U 195 Fet mic
CAD M9 Tube mic
Karma Velveteen
Shure SM 57 x 3

Synths and toyz

Kurzweil K 2600 Synth
44 space moog Modular
Oberheim OBMX 6 voice
Nord Micro Modular
Roland MVS1 Vintage synth
Simmons SDSV with 5 piece Simmons kit (authentic 80's)
Novation K Station
Roland VK7 Organ
Gem Pro Piano 88 note weighted

and lots more!

List subject to change !

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