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Music Hi there and Welcome to Red Berry Blog number 8 !
(I realize I'm pretty slack....but hey:)

Thank God summers over !..I'm finding it harder every year...luckily
its air conditioned in the studio.

Sol Costa

I have been doing vocal tracking and mixing for local lads Sol Costa
The first of their trax, Breakthru, features the power drumming of Powderfingers
John Coghill with vocalist Chris Reynolds and is a uplifting powerhouse rock song that will
hopefully propel them to fame and fortune !
Check out the song on my playlist.

The Ninjas

I tracked, mixed ,produced and mastered Gotta Get Out for new kids on the block, The Ninjas.
Their infectious mix of  Electrorock should open new doors for them.
Can't get that riff outta my head...check it out on my playlist !


We just aren't only available for music !
Red Berry has been mixing audio for the DVD, Journey of Friends ( which has been shown on Channel 9 TV and in theatres in Brisbane. I also mastered the theme song Journey of Friends..and all for a good cause !

International film maker Jon Hamlini was in, with his voiceover talent, recording in Red Berrys'
new vocal booth (its pretty dead !)

New Gear

Red Berry is proud of the aquisition of Mastering grade studio monitors the ATC SMC 100's. These large 3 way monitors a treat to listen to and reveal every fine nuance of the recorded music..and boy... are they loud !

Well ..thats about it...until next time : )

John NYMO Nyman
Red Berry Records

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