Red Berry Records



Starting in 1971 with a simple cassette player, Nymo began his experiments with Electronic music, making him one of Australia's Godfathers of this genre. Using his beloved first Mini Moog, he tortured his parents with, (for those days), unheard of sounds, running his Rhodes Electric Piano through pedals and recording them onto cassette.

The 80's saw him move into the limelight as the Electronic sound of Geisha, a band that achieved major chart success, "straddling the border between straight rock and synth rock". (Check for more) People magazine featured Nymo for his massive collection of Vintage Synths-one of the largest collections of its type. Into the 90's, Nymo's love for making twisted Dark Electronica with a Rock edge became well known. His music, full of Distorted Synths and Samples, took listeners for a road trip to the darkside. 1, 000's of downloads off MP3 and airplay on Triple JJJ helped drive Nymo to keep writing and producing more of his preferred intense style.

These days he keeps himself busy with the studio, lending his 30 years of extensive musical experience to help younger musicians to reach their dreams. And of course he still enjoys going into his studio to make really bent sounds with his current Moog Modular.