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Well summer is well and truly over and that time of year that I really like is here !
Not to cold but warm in the sun..afternoon shadows and me making pasta for the family !


In April I had Duke and The Attorney and the other guys from Cadillac doing a 3 track demo. The band played *live* in the main house and I tracked them to the 16 track tape machine...yes folks ...real analog !
I am still in the edit and near mix stage , but the tracks have come up great...a couple of good A songs sounding like a cross between Jet and The Rolling Stones !

Great songwriting with lots of vocal attitude...these gen y'ers should do well.

Check them at

This month also sees folkster balladeer Pat Craigie who brings a wealth of original material and covers in the classic Woody Guthrie / Pete Seeger vain recording with us.

Tracking live in the control room, his sonorous voice and rhythmic guitar playing is a joy to behold !

Still editing and mixing Rapture in the Reins  and doing the last of the backing vocal overdubs...ready for mix stage soon...this track has taken a while but is a beauty with a beautiful solo from guitarist Paul Martin.


Where would we be @ Redberry without a dearth of new gear ?

This month has seen some the FX department a Roland R880 reverb mainframe and controller and a classic Lexicon PCM 41 digital delay.

Crowning piece would have to be a Urei 1178 stereo compressor from the late 70's
....great for the drum bus and vocal duties...used extensively on the Cadillac trax.

Also a classic AWA (Australian) limiter from the late 70's which has just been recapped and rejuvenated by Rob Squire from Pro Harmonic in Adelaide.

I am now mastering directly to a Korg DSD 1 bit recorder...sound fantastic.

And last, but not least, the exact equivalent of a Moog 960 analog sequencer as made famous by Tangerine Dream. Bring on the Berlin school !

Well thats about it as we head into usual were always doing deals @ Redberry and  taking your music to the next level.

Until next time...


John NYMO Nyman

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